COVerAGE-DB is an open-access database including cumulative counts of confirmed COVID-19 cases, deaths, tests, and vaccines by age and sex. The main goal of COVerAGE-DB is to provide a centralized, standardized, age-harmonized, and fully reproducible database of COVID-19 data. Original data and sources are provided, alongside data and measures in age-harmonized formats.

An international team composed of more than 70 researchers contributes to collecting data and metadata in COVerAGE-DB from governmental institutions, the design and implementation of the data processing and validation pipeline.

The database is still in development, and as of today, it includes 120 countries and more than 700 subnational areas. Cumulative counts of COVID-19 cases, deaths, tests, and vaccines are recorded daily (when possible) since January 2020. Since collection efforts began for COVerAGE-DB, several studies have used the data.

Disclaimer: The data provided in COVerAGE-DB does contain artifacts present in the sources. Care must be taken to identify these artifacts before using the data for research. While we do provide data in a standardized format, our data collection can ultimately be only as good as the diverse source material.

Besides the generous collaboration of the COVerAGE-DB team, this project is currently funded, coordinated, and hosted at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


If you are interested in all the available data without any particular selection, you can download it directly from our OSF repository.

If you are interested in a subset of the database, in this section you can filter it by desired harmonized age interval, measure, geographical location, date range, and sex.

Data Harmonization







Id Country Region Code Date Sex Age AgeInt Cases Deaths Tests Vaccination1 Vaccination2 Vaccination3 Vaccination4 Vaccination5 Vaccination6 VaccinationBooster Vaccinations